14 Week Bumpdate//HBXO blog

14 Week Bumpdate!

July 24, 2017 Comments Off on 14 Week Bumpdate!
14 Week Bumpdate//HBXO blog

And yes, the white dress I was wearing last week accentuated the bump like woah. Anddd early morning bump is sooooo different than later afternoon/evening bump, ha.

How far along: 14 Weeks
Gender: I still think GIRL but we will officially find out at the end of August so the countdown is on + the anticipation is real.
Weight gain: Well, seeing as I ate my body weight in sushi over the weekend, I wouldn’t be surprised if I gained, like, 30 pounds, but nah, I think 5 pounds seems more accurate.
Maternity clothes: Yep! Not fully of course, I can still wear all my normal tops + a few of my favourite dresses/jumpsuits, but shorts are a for sure maternity clothes item because everything tight around my belly is just wayyyyyy too uncomfy.
Stretch marks: No new ones!
Belly button in or out: In.
Sleep: It is going pretty well–I nap everyday with George so that’s really helpful. When night rolls around, I get an insane burst of energy and can’t seem to fall asleep. WHICH has resulted in me staying up far too late + watching FRIENDS (but I’m not mad about it!)…literally,this show makes me giggle so much.
Best moment this week: Can I say eating a whole boatload of sushi?! Ha, I guess I can, it is my blog after all…but yes, aside from eating the delicious sushi, I had a great week visiting with friends + I got to meet the newest little baby in the Bowman Family and he is precious. There is nothing like holding and smelling a newborn to get your preggo hormones going (and get me super excited!!). It was awesome seeing George with his baby cousin–he was very gentle and sweet, although he wasn’t particularly happy about holding him all on his own. Poor guy.
Miss anything: Not having to pee all the time. Yep, I almost forgot how many bathroom trips a preggo makes. I will literally get so comfy in bed (and finally sleepy!) and then my bladder is like OH HAYYYYY REMEMBER ME? YEAH.
Movement: None yet! I’ve heard with second pregnancies you feel movement sooner (maybe because you know what the movements feel like) so I am very interested to know if that goes down.
Cravings: I was going to say sushi but I handled that craving big time. The idea of pineapple and clementines and peaches (the best!) sound good to me. Basically, anything cold and juicy. It’s so funny how different my eating habits are this time because I knew like deep down to my preggo core exactly what I wanted to eat with George. But with this baby, I’m constantly not too sure what I want. I know what I don’t but just don’t have a huge urge toward anything. Except I did mention to Aaron that I would love lobster dipped in garlic butter and a gigantic seafood pasta (which is bizarre because I’m not a huge fish person!!). Oh, and I put pickled ginger on my BBQ sausage the other day…in a bun with ketchup, mayo, and mustard. And it tasted freakin amazing…Hubs had a bite + I sorta kinda totally forgot to tell him about the ginger. He didn’t think it was amazing. At all. Oops!
Looking forward to: Our canoe camping trip and celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary! August is right around the corner and it is easily the busiest summer month for us. I’m trying to get organized now so that I’m not completely overwhelmed + sitting in a corner crying (while eating pickled ginger out of the jar…). Oh, and obviously finding out #littlebabybowman2’s gender!!!! Do you have any guesses?!

Also, can we just talk about my big boy? I’m obsessed.

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