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16 Week Bumpdate!

August 7, 2017 Comments Off on 16 Week Bumpdate!
16 Weeks//HBXO blog
How far along: 16 Weeks (almost 17 weeks!)
Gender: I have been pretty confident this babe is a girl but after our canoe trip, I kinda could totally see myself having another baby boy…so now, I’m sorta confused, ha.
Weight gain: Hmmm…less than 10 lbs but I find out this week at our next doctor’s appointment.
Maternity clothes: Yes! A few pieces here and there. I am still wearing some pre-baby tops!
Stretch marks: No new ones!
Belly button in or out: In!
Sleep: It’s good. I can’t get enough of it. I’ve been enjoying the cuddliest naps with George in the afternoons and that helps me a ton. I have been gravitating towards our bed a lot earlier than normal. And luckily, I’m finding a relatively decent comfy position quicker these days.
Best moment this week: Our canoe camping trip was easily the highlight of the week. I’ll be sharing our trip on the blog soon–it was incredible.
Miss anything: Not really missing anything at the moment!
Movement: None yet but I cannot wait!! One of the very best parts of pregnancy!
Cravings: Sushi. Literally. Always. Oh, and I had a dream that went on all night about ramen noodles…soooo
Looking forward to: Enjoying a dinner out with my hubs for our 4 year wedding anniversary, finding out baby’s gender, and celebrating my bestie’s little babe on the way!
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August 3, 2017