GBB 2.5 years old// HBXO blog

2.5 Years of George Bear!

January 17, 2018 Comments Off on 2.5 Years of George Bear!

GBB 2.5 years old// HBXO blog

George Bear turned two and a half years old on the 14th and oh my word, where has the time gone?! Who is this big boy?!

GBB is such a wonderful, kind, sweet, spirited, and hilarious boy. I’m sure many mothers will boast about how brilliant and spectacular their children are but honestly, I am blown away by how much George knows and communicates, and how freakin’ smart he is.

He started to hold my face in his hands so gently + he told me the other night that I was a “pwetty gurl” and I literally died. Like, melted puddle of love. He is so sweet. I’m couldn’t be more obsessed with him.

George is also a busy boy who is always trying to build a fort, jump off the couch, or stomping his feet in his sneakers or crocs (he insists that he wears them in the house and oh my word, he has the sweatiest and the stinkiest little toesies ever!) and loves to yell out “you see that beeeeeeeg (big) jump mommy? dada you see that beeeeeeeg jump?”. Ugh, we’re so proud of him.

George officially weaned a few weeks short of being 2.5 years old + although it was (hella) painful to comfort nurse him through this pregnancy (I can’t even begin to describe how badly my nursing aversion was becoming!), I pushed through and he gently and with his own self-determinism, stopped nursing. It was December 30th + the timing was literally perfect for both of us. Not even going to lie I was literally starting to educate myself on tandem nursing because I just didn’t think he’d ever give up the nummies.

Little dude loves “noonas” (noodles), pizza, “e-meal” (oatmeal), cookies, and “tweats” (treats). Yep, we have a treat monster on our hands. George was under the impression (my bad!) that every time we went to a store or to the bank or in the van, that he would get a treat. And yes. This was totally a MOM FAIL because I would give him a treat (whether it was a timbit or a cookie) for good behaviour + because I had mom-guilt of shuttling him around everywhere AND I was also experiencing VERY short patience for the last little bit of this pregnancy, that I would be like HERE HAVE A COOKIE. THE END. Well, I’ve had to pull back on that one big time + we’re nearly there on the no expectation of treats and the understanding that treats are rewards. He is a really good eater though and for that I am thankful.

Also, sugar is the worst for toddlers. Haha. Not all sugar + maybe not all toddlers. But my little dude is just like me–we have a sweet tooth + too much of a good thing makes us WILD. Oh, and screen time too.

So, I’m working on that.

George is OBSESSED with Paw Patrol with no end in sight. He loves to have lazy mornings in mommy and daddy’s bed playing with the “pad pad” (iPad) and watches a series of random videos on YouTube Kids–seriously, some of the videos he finds and watches are just weird. I am happy to say that he watches a lot of Blippi and truck videos. And sometimes random videos that are all about colours and counting…but they’re still weird. I definitely monitor them.

GBB enjoyed Christmas so much this year and pretty much every morning asks me if it’s Christmastime + especially if there is more snow on the ground. Honestly, he just makes me so happy. He’s a Christmas Elf like ME! Dude plays really well independently (and sometimes, I just sit and watch him because it’s the best to watch him in his own little toy land!) + likes to build things with mega-blocks, magnatiles, and then “cwush” (crush) them with his kajillion trucks and cars. He is also on the go a lot and I have a feeling we have an athlete on our hands.

George loves to “watch games” (football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey) with daddy + he has a really good arm! He’s also really started to be interested in kicking a soccer ball around + he’s really good too–FEARLESS. He just throws down. It’s badass.

This month is a pretty big one as George will be a BIG BROTHER any day now + has been very involved with sissie from the beginning. He told me the other day that he wants to give his sissie the tour of the house when she arrives. I can’t wait to see their relationship unfold and blossom + you better believe I will have a gigantic cookie baked for him to celebrate baby sissie’s birthday when he comes to meet her at the hospital. He will have a big brother kit (diapers for sissie, a soother [if she takes one], a receiving blanket, and a toy that is for him to give her) and I know he will want to be so involved and help with her. He is already telling me how much babies poop…so, he’s got the basics down like, woah. Ugh I can’t wait.

George, my growing boy, you love: to snack constantly, build forts, hug mommy, and high five daddy–you also love to get up in the morning and sit on the back steps and talk to daddy while he gets ready to leave for work (heart melting!). You love the cat + you love to “play”/tease the cat a lot too. You love to help mommy in the kitchen, and washing dishes. You would literally eat noodles for every single meal if I let you. George, you are an incredible dancer (a true Renaissance man), and you love to jump high, and hit hard, and roll around + giggle your face off. You’re also so tender and sweet and helpful. You are independent and so able, and brilliant, and you tell the best stories. We are hopelessly in love with you. Oh, and you love being naked…and then you like to pee…EVERYWHERE and laugh.

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GBB, my dudenstein, you do not love: diaper changes, having to stop playing + get ready for nap/bedtime, and when mommy and daddy have to stop you from doing something. Sometimes you don’t like the bath and you like to fight us on the car seat more than I care to admit. Aaaaand you don’t like to wear clothes too much (only a hat, diaper, and runners for you!).

You are such a treasure. Daddy and I love you so much, I’m pretty sure it physically hurts us. I know my heart hurts from loving you so hard. You are my best friend + I could not be more proud of the boy you are growing into. You are so fun and you make us laugh so hard. I also cry a lot because of how incredible you are–I am in awe of you + you inspire me daily to be a better mommy.

Thank you for choosing us to be your parents and we love you so much big boy!
I can hardly believe how fast time flies. Excuse me while I go bawl in a corner…
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