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21 Week Bumpdate!

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I thought I should probably get this week’s bumpdate up as 22 weeks is a few days away! Time is flying + I feel like I am getting more and more round. Andddd just when I thought we were heading into fall (you may have seen my post on my IG of GBB with the pumpkins…we have two of them on our front steps already…), the summer sunshine came out this weekend + we took advantage of it.

We ventured to a street festival + enjoyed ice cream (I had earl grey and pumpkin in a waffle cone and George enjoyed some cookies and creme + vanilla bean!), listened to music, and danced all over the streets. GBB was a total show stopper making everyone smile. Ugh, he is the freaking best.

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21 weeks//HBXO blog
How far along:
 21 Weeks!!

Gender: Girl.

Weight gain: 15 lbs! I have to say though, I am carrying this baby so incredibly different + I’m fairly certain that I weighed a whole bunch more with George at this time. Truthfully, I don’t really care as long as I’m being healthy and baby girl is healthy, we’re good.

Maternity clothes: A pair of jeans, some tees, and dresses. I’m super pumped to grab a pair of nice maternity tights to go under some of my dresses. I have my eyes on another pair of jeans + I’m thrilled for sweater weather.

Stretch Marks: No new ones. Rocking the spider/varicose vein that I mentioned last week + I can’t freaking wait to get some compression socks, ha. NERD ALERT.

Belly button In or Out: In and Out and weird.

Sleep: It’s fine. When George wakes up the odd time in the middle of the night, I find I am wayyy more tired walking over to his room. Maybe it’s because I feel it takes me a little longer to get my bod up from the bed #largeandincharge.

Best moment this week: We’ve been pretty busy these last few weeks + it was actually really wonderful to have a slow week. I think our slow and relaxing week was the highlight, for sure. Oh, and baby girl is moving a ton so that’s really nice too!!

Miss anything:  Having clearer skin. Ugh. Pregnancy acne is like, the bane of my existence. 

Movement: Yes! Delicate rolls and kicks. She is pretty active when it’s George’s bedtime + it’s so freaking cute. I’m laying there in GBB’s bed while he drifts off into sleepy land being all cozy and cuddly, and then my sweetheart is just rolling around + kicking me. It’s heaven. It’s really, really, really special. And I find I lay there once dude is snoozing + I daydream of what it’s going to be like once she is here. Oh my gosh! GUYS. I’m having another baby.

Cravings: I was craving wings and luckily our friend Matt made his delicious wings the other night + I was so dang happy. I ate so many wings, ha. My craving for ramen has subsided pretty much but my desire for sushi is never ending…

Looking forward to: Getting our home more baby ready (I went through some of George’s baby clothes this past week and ugh, I’m giddy for newborn everything…even diapers) + for all the festiveness that is right around the corner! My 31st birthday (wait. what?!), Thanksgiving, Halloween, our babymoon, and Christmas…I’m already drooling over the food I’m going to enjoy. With George, I was in my first trimester during the holidays so I didn’t get to indulge the same way that I plan on doing this time, ha. I also can’t even believe how quickly it’s all gonna come and go + then our sweet #littlebabybowman2 will be here! 

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September 21, 2017