22 weeks//HBXO blog

22 Week Bumpdate!

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22 weeks//HBXO blog

How far along: 22 Weeks!

Gender: Girl!!

Weight gain: 15lbs + a few more? I have been eating a gigantic bowl of cereal before bed every. single. night…

Maternity clothes: A few things here and there but with this heat wave we’re having, I have no idea what to wear + I’m always pretty warm soooo I’m going to be smart and wait to go on a  fall/winter maternity shopping spree.

Stretch Marks: No new ones but I can see the old ones starting to stretch a bit. I kinda feel at peace about stretch marks this pregnancy (remember how freaked out I was about them last round?! Ha!) because I know that although they don’t disappear completely, they fade real well soooo I’m ok. But these flippin spider vein/varicose veins need to knock it right the eff off. They don’t really hurt (yet) but they’re uncomfy and hideous and just like…my left leg looks like an old lady’s leg. I don’t get it. Pregnancy is weird.

Belly button In or Out:  It’s in. It’s out. It’s gonna pop wayyyyyy earlier than it did with George.

Sleep: Fine. Okay. I dunno you guys. It takes me a lifetime to fall asleep and then once I’m finally comfy, I’m hungry and I need to pee. And then sometimes George wakes up and I waddle my mombie self to his room + pass out in his bed…BASICALLY what I’m saying is I could use more uninterrupted sleep. But, like, I’m also super aware that probably won’t be happening for YEARS (so I better get used to it, right?!).

Best moment this week: I was given a box full of baby girl clothes from my friend + I still can’t get over how insanely cute girls clothing is. It was definitely a highlight to go through them and it makes it just so real to me that we’re having another baby and a little girl!!! Like. I’m so excited. Oh, and George told Grandma on FaceTime this week that he was excited for sissie in mama’s tummy. It was pretty cute. He is pretty cute. Cue tears of happiness and pride.

Miss anything: Uninterrupted sleep. Aaaaaand the option of having a glass of wine/pumpkin ale. Tis’ the season afterall.

Movement: Yes! My little delicate girlfriend is making some moves these days. She’s much more active at night which has me worried that it will translate into night time shenanigans once she arrives earth side soooo let’s hope I’m wrong!

Cravings: THRILLED I don’t want ramen noodles anymore and have basically decided that hot chocolate (but like, watered down/how you would get it at like, a school field trip to the Rideau Canal-kinda vibe) and a bowl of cereal is the tops. Like, it’s kinda all I want. I pretty much have it every night once the boys are sleeping + I’m up (far too late but like, alone mama time) watching Gilmore Girls/Friends and scrolling Pinterest like a madwoman.

Looking forward to: The holidays. All of them. Fall. Everything that comes with hunkering down and being with family and being cozy and eating allllll the food. I’m super excited to meet this little chiquita + I still can’t believe that she will be joining us in a little over three months (PS I feel so unprepared)! TIME, YOU CRAZY.

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