26 Weeks Bumpdate//HBXO Blog

26 Week Bumpdate!

November 1, 2017 Comments Off on 26 Week Bumpdate!

26 Weeks Bumpdate//HBXO Blog
How far along:
 26 Weeks!!

Gender:  Girl! 

Weight gain: 19 lbs…

Maternity clothes: YEP. Mostly bottoms and rocking some regular flow tops…but this bump isn’t going anywhere  so I think a little shopping trip is in order!

Stretch Marks: None that I can see. Although, this pregnancy is all about the varicose/spider veins. Atleast I’m festive for Halloween?!

Belly button In or Out: ISH.

Sleep: Decent. Can’t sleep but once I’m sleeping, it’s like KO’d city. GBB has been sleeping better so that’s helpful.

Best moment this week:  I got my hair did + I know that’s not totally pregnancy related (at all!) but it made me feel so flippin good. I am always treated so well at Evolve. The girls are magicians.

Miss anything: I miss not being out of breath 24/7, having energy, and my cute skinny jeans. And a nice glass of red wine.

Movement: Yes! Little sister is such a sweet little mover + shaker. She is so much more graceful/gentle than George was but she likes to really roll and put loads of pressure on my bladder…like, always. I love her. 

Cravings: Still mostly salty things. Andddd mini Halloween Snickers bars…I’ve fully picked them out + Hubs noticed. Ha. Oops!

Looking forward to: Halloween!!! Our babymoon, a small baby sprinkle for sissie, and CHRISTMAS–yep, I’m already getting ready for the most insane but amazing holiday ever! I hope to get my shopping done early this year. And what I’m most excited for is meeting this sweet beautiful baby girl. I can’t believe I’m fortunate to be having a baby girl. Just when I thought all my dreams had come true…I feel very very lucky (and emotional) about it all.

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November 2, 2017