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27 Week Bumpdate!

November 8, 2017 Comments Off on 27 Week Bumpdate!

Hol and Hubs Halloween 2017//HBXO blog

How far along: 27 Weeks! Oh hello third trimester, you snuck up on me + quickly! 

Gender:  Girl! 

Weight gain: FOR SURE more than 2olbs because I’m feeling wayyyy heavy these days.

Maternity clothes: Same as last week…mostly bottoms + dresses with maternity tights (which are a total GAME CHANGER! I have these + I’ll be shopping for these soon!).

Stretch Marks: SO. I’ve been so focused on my crazy spider/varicose vein situation that I haven’t really noticed any stretch marks but um. I think I found a tiny one. I mean, I’m a little bit like whatever about them because I know they fade + no stretch mark can beat the ones I got from mister GBB! So. We’ll see…

Belly button In or Out: I DON’T EVEN KNOW.

Sleep: Oh gosh, I’m a weird mix of being really sleepy and really excited + awake and I know this is only the beginning. Can I just thank Paw Patrol straight up for helping me lay around a bit more than usual?! Oh, and George’s new fav show…PEPPA PIG! Which I love + I can’t even deal with GBB’s little snorts, ha.

Best moment this week: Our Halloween was pretty amazing + I would have to say, was the BEST moment this week! George was so cute and we actually went trick or treating! He was such a champ–it was so cold and his costume was a little tricky to navigate stairs. Ha. I’ll be sharing our Halloween on the blog this week, so stay tuned for that post.

Miss anything: I miss not having to run to the bathroom three times a night + waking up suddenly starving and then not being able to fall back asleep…that preggo insomnia has officially hit. Wah!

Movement: Sissy is moving around a lot–mostly at nap time and bedtime…which I’m still hoping is just an “in-womb” thing because if not, I may never sleep again. It could be that these times are the only time I’m actually laying down so I notice it?!

Cravings: Deli turkey sandwiches. Snickers bars. Really bad-for-you French Vanilla coffee creamer that I would NEVER BUY. Ice cold cranberry-gingerale with allllll the ice cubes. Hmm, I definitely don’t have as many cravings with baby sister as I did with GBB…

Looking forward to: Our baby moon weekend away (George is coming too, obviously) but it’ll be so nice to get out of the city! Oh, and a small sprinkle to celebrate baby girl! And the Christmas holidays (I have so many things planned for this year + I am so excited!!!) which is always my most favourite time of the year. Also, I totally bought my first new Christmas ornament the day before Halloween (George’s yearly ornament…it’s a TRUCK, duh!). The next two months are going to busy getting geared up for another babe in our little quaint cottage house + then OMG baby month is here!! EEE!!!

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