29 weeks// HBXO BLOG

29 Week Bumpdate!

November 16, 2017 Comments Off on 29 Week Bumpdate!

29 weeks// HBXO BLOG

Yeah. I missed my 28 week update…I know, poor second kid. I was really trying to make it work but last week was so busy and I didn’t want to take a picture late + then convey that I was still 28 weeks and and and whatever. We’re here now. Sorry baby sissie, I love you so much and 28 weeks was great but now we’re at 29 weeks (and legit, like almost 30 weeks!) so we gotta keep this blog aliiiiive.


Here we go!

How far along: 29 weeks + basically on the cuff of 30 weeks.


Weight gain: At my last OB appointment, I’ve gained 24 pounds! WHICH is so different than my weight with my pregnancy with GBB. Just goes to show you how different every pregnancy/baby is. Also, I eat toddler grilled cheese leftovers as a snack instead of delicious cupcakes…

Maternity clothes: Yep. Andddd I think it’s time to get a few more pieces because over the last few weeks, I have really POPPED.

Stretch Marks: I think I found one little sucker. But it doesn’t even compare with the spider veins running down my left leg. Honestly, I look like Spiderman spewed a web of purple all over my leg. Also, the word spewed. Ew. Sorry.

Belly button In or Out: YES. NO. SORTA?! JUST CONFUSING AF.

Sleep: I went through a crazy exhausted spell for a few days + I was like pretty sure I was never going to get anything done ever again because I couldn’t imagine NOT BEING SO DEAD TIRED but it’s lifted (I’d like to thank the IRON I’m taking…because, pregnancy anemia is NO JOKE!) and now I’m in full-blown nesting mode. Nothing better than pushing through exhaustion to go through all the junk drawers in your house + writing out massive honey do lists to move all the furniture to get ready for a baby. And I have also started decorating for Christmas sooooo it’s fantastic.

Best moment this week: We went on a little relaxing babymoon to Collingwood + it was so restful. We didn’t do anything crazy. We stayed cozy and together and Hubs made me so much yummy food + basically, it was the best. Honestly, without sounding so cheeseball, my most-favourite times in my life are just spent with my peeps under one roof. It just makes me so happy. Even if we’re just laying around. I just like to be together! AND my bestie best had her baby girl on the 13th + it is pretty much the greatest thing to be an auntie again (I am so lucky–I have 4 nieces with another one due any day! haaaaayyyy girl party!). G did amazing and her sweet P is pretty much perfection + I literally can’t congratulate G and MOB more; they’re fabulous parents and P is so lucky to have them. Y’all I could GUSH forever. ANYWAY.

Miss anything: I miss getting up with ease. Basically, I miss my mobility and my ability to lift things. I’m finding it a lot harder to lift George into and out of his car seat etc. Any ideas on how to get him in there himself?! We have a massive mama van, haha. It’s high up…

Movement: OH yes sissie is a dancerrrrrr! And I’m not mad about it. She’s so sweet + making herself known more and more and I just can’t wait to kiss her and cuddle her and wear her and I don’t think it was really real to me that I was having a baby until this past weekend when I saw G’s new baby…so, now I’m SUPER PUMPED.

Cravings: Steak. Sushi. Hazelnut-awful-for-you-coffee creamer. Clementines. Toast.

Looking forward to: My baby sprinkle that family is throwing for me! And the holidays! We now officially have something festive booked every weekend before Christmas which weirdly thrills me (and exhausts me too). It is the Santa Claus parade in Toronto this weekend + George has been asking about Santa for a little while now so, I’m excited for him! I think this may be the best Christmas ever!!! BRING ON ALL THE CHRISTMAS MOVIES ASAP.

Thank you for your patience, your support, your readership, and L O V E. I appreciate you all so flipping much.

xo hol // HBXO blog