31 weeks pregnant// HBXO blog

30 + 31 Week Bumpdate!

November 28, 2017 0 Comments
31 weeks pregnant// HBXO blog

Nothing better than yellow-lighted pictures, am I right?! Ha. BUT seriously, it’s cold out + I don’t have a camera that fits onto my tripod (dang you thieves!)…so be prepared for more of these beauties ;)

How far along: 31. 31 BIG ONES.

Gender: Girl 

Weight gain: 26+, I did eat a few cupcakes this weekend…

Maternity clothes: YEP.

Stretch Marks: Again, not too sure about the stretch marks although I think I saw a little sucker I’m much more concerned with my leg covered in spider veins…I look eight hundred years old…on one leg, haha. 

Belly button In or Out: Shallow AF.

Sleep: Sleep is good when I actually get to bed/fall asleep. I have a hard time relaxing once in bed at night but sleep is not bad. I could always have more…I’m back to taking naps with George sometimes–I went on a kick where he’d nap + I’d do all the things but no, I’ve been falling asleep cuddling with my sweet boy in his bed and it’s pretty wonderful. Oh–and Hubs + I bought our Christmas gift: A KING SIZE BED! Yep! So, that’s pretty exciting. I have a feeling we will have both kids in there for the first little while + having that extra space just makes me so dang happy.

Best moment this week: My beautiful baby sprinkle with close family and friends was so wonderful. It was a brunch (my fav!) and it was relaxing + baby girl and I were spoiled silly. It was so nice to have a party to celebrate her imminent arrival! Ahh, it’s all happening FOR REAL. Also, baby girl clothes are so ridiculously cute.

cupcakes and flowers//HBXO blog

Miss anything: I’m feeling pretty freaking grateful to be honest. I miss the option of having a bit of red wine at the end of the day and my skinny jeans look pretty cute but it’s all good. Not much time left so really trying to embrace it all. Spider veins and everything.

Movement: Oh yes, this girl has got moves. And they’re night moves mostly sooooo send help in three months mmmkay?! I may be a full-blown mombie if this translates earthside.

Cravings: I BOUGHT CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH and it has been the best treat after GBB is sleeping. I am super into cereal. And caesar salad. Olives. Clementines. Sushi. Steak. V8 juice, hahaa I KNOW SO RANDOM. Ranch dip. All so very different than my cravings with Georgie.

Looking forward to: All the holiday things! I have a list of fun festive things I am hoping to do + although they equally excite and exhaust me, I’m gonna pull through and make this the best Christmas ever…as I waddle around. George has been asking about Santa A LOT and has started to sing JINGLE BELLS. He’s basically a Christmas Elf like me and I couldn’t be more proud!


ANDDDDD here’s my good ol’ 3 week bump date sans photo…sorry friends, I’m the worst.

How far along: 30 weeks! Whaaaa? How? HOW.

Gender: Girl!!! I can’t even believe it!

Weight gain: 26 BIG ONES + proud of every single one of them! Baby girl is growing a ton :)

Maternity clothes: YES YES YES! I need a few more pieces because, winter. BUT also, can I wear my husband’s winter jacket and still look cute or no?!

Stretch Marks: Same as last week except the spider veins!!!! Mamas! Help! 

Belly button In or Out: ISH.

Sleep: It’s going well! It’s going okay! Honestly, I go to bed wayyyy later         day…ish. I can’t stop making lists and doing alllllll the planning for Christmas + baby sissie and I have so much to do. Yahoo!

Best moment this week: Happy to be at 30 weeks! We ventured to the Santa Claus Parade + it was so fun. And cold. And very, very cold. But gosh, it was our first time + I was so excited to see Santa, ha. 

Miss anything: I can’t really get out of my bed without sounding like a warthog, so I miss NOT sounding like that. I miss holiday cocktails. I miss my skinny jeans.

Movement: SERIOUS MOVEMENT this past week. It’s been ramped up hardcore and it’s all very deliberate + weirdly graceful! Maybe I have a sweet little dancer in there (and then I can live my dancer dreams through her…err, do mamas ever admit that outloud? ANYWAY.). I’m fairly certain I saw her little foot on the side of my belly AND it’s the coolest thing ever. It’ll never be lost on me how much of a miracle pregnancy is.

Cravings: Same as last week (steak. sushi. bad-for-you-hazelnut-coffee creamer. clementines.) but add in BOWLS OF CEREAL. I’m tempted to start trying the cereals that I never ate growing up–I hear cinnamon toast crunch is delish! What are your favs!?

Looking forward to: My baby sprinkle is this weekend + I am so excited to shower little sissie with love and I’m super excited to eat some Le Dolci cupcakes (obviously!). We have a kajilion things planned every.single.weekend so I’m very excited for all the festive things we have planned! Oh, and I started my Christmas shopping so I am ahead of the game! I’ll be posting a few gift guides soon! SO MANY CUTE THINGS!

Santa Claus Parade//HBXO blog

Have a wonderful week + stay warm my Canadian friends!

xo hol // HBXO blog