33 weeks pregnant//HBXO blog

33 Week Bumpdate!

December 12, 2017 1 Comments

Yes. I missed my 32 week post. I know. I know! I was actually feeling major league guilt about it but honestly, what can I do?! These weeks are flying by + GBB keeps me busy and I’m building a lip biz empire…


33 weeks pregnant//HBXO blog

How far along: 33 weeks preggooooo

Gender: Girl! Hard to believe baby sissie will be here SO SOON.

Weight gain: almost 30! WOO! 

Maternity clothes: YEP. and sweatpants. my hubs’ big + baggy sweatpants. They are so comfy and it’s so funny because when I was pregnant with George, I had these incredible flannel purple jammie pants with cupcakes all over them + I wore them constantly. He drove him nuts (haha) and I promised him I would chuck them after George was born + I did. I wonder if he feels the same way about these sweats?!

Stretch Marks: A tiny little one but I’m so close to the end that I do not give AF. But holy moly varicose veins–I still don’t fully understand the point of them and can someone tell me they’re going to disappear?!

Belly button In or Out: OUT. I have an outie innie belly button that is weird + now it’s fully an outie and George tried to pull my belly button off. It was painful and like, why George? Why.

Sleep: WE HAVE A KING SIZE BED. And it has made a world of difference for our sleep + George has been sleeping much longer and coming into our bed in the morning so I get extra sleep and that feels fantastic. I am very tired lately. Third trimester exhaustion is no joke and I’m starting to get Braxton Hicks so….yeah. I’m exhausted. OH BUT MAJOR WIN: DADDY IS PUTTING GEORGIE TO BED!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a really really big deal. And I am so proud.

Best moment this week: George had photos with Santa this week…omg, HILARIOUS. He was super into him from afar but then wanted NOTHING to do with him in person, I was laughing so hard inside.


We had our Bowman Family Christmas Dinner + that was really lovely. We were missing some fam members but it was so nice to see everyone and the kids playing together is the cutest. George ended up shirtless, sockless, and with a mouth stained green from cupcake frosting. He was a true party animal.
GBB and the cupcake//HBXO blog

Also, I became an auntie again! My sister-in-law had her second baby girl a few weeks ago and she is precious. I can’t wait to meet her!

Miss anything: I miss being able to move faster than a freaking snail. Honestly. The waddle is becoming so real and I’m out of breath constantly and I just feel so heavy. So, I miss being comfortable. And wine.

Movement: Sissie is a mover! She has much more predictable awake and sleeping times but oh my word, she is moving so much, my belly looks like waves crashing into the shore. Like, it is so incredible. I don’t think it’ll ever get old to me.

Cravings: So, I kept on the cereal kick and bought Sugar Crisp AND I HATED IT. It was too sweet + I just can’t believe people actually eat that! I’ve been really into yogurt with granola and blueberries. Orange Juice. OLIVES. Omg, gimme all the olives.

Looking forward to: I’m seeing the Nutcracker ballet with my bestie (it’s our annual tradition!) + I can’t wait for Christmas morning with my dude. Ugh, he is freaking THE BEST and he is so excited for Santa to come to the house! I’m just excited to slow down a bit + enjoy loads of family and friends company and eat cookies. And “rest” because ya know…NEXT MONTH IS BABY MONTH! Whaaaaaaa?

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December 14, 2017

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