34 Week Bumpdate//HBXO blog

34 Week Bumpdate!

December 18, 2017 1 Comments

34 Week Bumpdate//HBXO blogHow far along: 34 Weeks. OMG. It’s getting so very real over here.

Gender: Baby SISSIE!!

Weight gain: I’m gonna say 30 big ones, but will find out at our dr’s appt on Monday!

Maternity clothes: Ohhhh yes. And I’m so thankful for my bestie G who gifted me a coat extender so I could still rock my winter jacket but have some extra wiggle room for this belly of mine–it’s getting cold here in Toronto!

Stretch Marks: If I have any, they’re below my line of vision. I can’t see much below the bump, so who knows. And I don’t EVEN wanna get into the varicose vein situation. I just, can’t.

Belly button In or Out: OUT and it’s freaky AF.

Sleep: Oh, I’ve definitely hit the third trimester wall. It probably has lots to do with running after a toddler, trying to keep the house relatively clean + tidy (HAHA), and running/building a LIP EMPIRE–which I am so loving.

Best moment this week: Our first snowfall! It was pretty magical and George was totally into it. Bundling up a toddler is a whole other ballgame and to think I will have two kids to bundle up soon makes my head spin…Oh, and my bestie Christine (Auntie Neen) and I went for brunch (the best brunch place everrrrrr) and then to the Nutcracker Ballet (it’s our annual tradition!)…IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. I just wanna be a ballerina so bad.

Brunch at Peter Pan Bistro//HBXO blog

Neen and Hol//HBXO blog

Miss anything: I miss my patience. I’m feeling very large and heavy and tired + my patience is definitely thin and I often feel like the worst mama to George because I can’t keep up with him. I know, it’s just crazy emotions/hormones but like, I just want to be able to physically keep up with him and carry him when he asks me. Oh, and I’d like to NOT have to eat TUMS like it’s my job…

Movement: Yes! And very deliberate movement too. I can totally tell when she’s sleeping + awake. According to babylist, she is the size of an American Girl Doll and I’m like, that’s huge.

Cravings: Caesar salad. Steak. Orange Juice. Cookies (kinda totally into shortbread more than usual…which is…insane).

Looking forward to: Christmas!!!!!! Santa is coming oh so soon + I can’t wait. I’m not finished my shopping yet (and if you’re like me, I will have a gift guide up for her + for him this week, so maybe it will give you some ideas of the perfect gifts for those lucky peeps in your life!). BUT I think I’m close. Like, really close. George’s christmas wish list is pretty much done (if you missed my gift guide for toddlers, you can read it here). 

xo hol // HBXO blog

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  1. Cathy

    December 22, 2017

    You’re rocking that 34 week “baby bump”. You look radiant! Love you and your blog. xoxo

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