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Baby Number Two + 13 Week Bumpdate!

July 18, 2017 1 Comments

Little Baby Bowman 2//HBXO blogWe are so overjoyed to be finally sharing the news of our sweet baby!! George can’t wait to be a BIG bro!!

I wrote this post in the middle of May when I found out we were expecting:

Hubs and I had been trying for another baby for a little while now + each month, I would think it was the month. But it wouldn’t be. And it left me a little sad. It left me confused. But this month I decided, you know what? If I am, awesome, and if I’m not, then fine! I have a beautiful + happy and incredibly healthy toddler who is keeping me wildly busy, it’s okay. It’s okay. It’ll happen. It’ll happen.

I was late by three days but I figured it was similar to past months of my body re-adjusting + getting back in sync. It was a Friday (the 12th of May) and I picked up a pregnancy test just in case and that was that. I had had a very long and stressful week as George wasn’t feeling well + had quite the high fever (which I’m suspecting was teething-related!) and I was beyond exhausted. Hubs was away for two nights helping a friend with their roof + once I put GBB down to sleep, I ignored the dishes + the toys + I poured myself a glass of red and got cozy on the couch with FRIENDS. And it’s funny because as I started the series for the third time, I thought to myself that I hadn’t watched this since my pregnancy with George (it’s just such a feel-good show–perfect for preggos, ha!)…


George woke up from his early bedtime (he didn’t nap that day + I basically put him down for bed hella-early but he woke up…) and I we went to the bathroom + I decided I would take the test for fun. And I have to mention, I splurged on the digital YES NO test because in previous months, I was going cray cray and was fairly convinced I saw so many evaporation lines, haha. I’m all like, “Aaron, that looks like two lines right? RIGHT? If you just tilt it this way, it’s two lines!”. Needless to say, Hubs was not into crazy Hol so I felt it best to just GO BIG with the digital test and save my sanity (and Hubs’ too!).


I took the test and placed on the bathroom counter + left it alone (funny how this month I didn’t stand there watching the dang thing for three whole minutes!). George and I grabbed some water + went to quietly play for a bit before I attempted bedtime round two. After about 5 minutes, we ventured back to the bathroom + I picked up the test and it read YES+. IT WAS POSITIVE! And I yelled out “YES?! OMG! YES!” and George joined me with “YESYESYESYESYES” with his hands in the air. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I was in total disbelief and I looked over at my sweet almost-two year old + with tears in my eyes, I said to him “Booboo, you’re going to be a big brother”. I would be lying if I told you that in that moment I didn’t have a sliver of mixed emotions; our lives were changing and George wouldn’t be my little baby anymore. Sigh. All the feels.

Once I got my shit together, I called Aaron. I had had a creative idea in my mind of how I was going to tell him about baby number two (with the help of GBB) but I knew that I wasn’t going to see him for two days and there was no way I was going to keep this to myself for that long. So. I called him while he was on the road. He was thrilled (I could hear him smiling through the phone!) and I was laughing + crying like a maniac and clearly in shock. And then I was like “OMG I JUST HAD WINE”.


This pregnancy has already been tremendously different than my pregnancy with George, except the acne beard. The acne beard is back with a vengeance (it does seem to be disappearing as the second trimester is right around the corner, thank goodness!). The exhaustion level is high and I miss coffee on a whole new level than I did last time around. And, I know, I know, I can drink a bit of caffeine here + there but I stay away from it during the first trimester. I have had way less food aversions + little nausea. Oh, and the first trimester anxiety that I experienced with George is long gone, so that’s pretty freakin’ amazing.

We are very excited and over the moon to be adding another member to our family + I can hardly wait for George to be a big brother! I don’t know how my heart will take it when I see my babies together. MY BABIES. PLURAL! Eeeeee!

Oh, I am also incredibly thrilled to be almost out of the first trimester! Even though it was breezier than my pregnancy with George, it feels amazing to have my energy levels back! It was pretty touch and go for a few weeks (and I know other mamas have it wayyyyy harder, so props to them!) but geez, nothing worse than feeling hungover all the dang time especially when you didn’t get to enjoy any margaritas the night before. #amiright?

I am currently 13 weeks, almost 14 weeks (my pregnancy weeks start on Wednesdays!) and I’ve decided to track this pregnancy weekly as I did with George! It has been really fun to look back + read what was going on last pregnancy and to see how different this adventure with this sweet babe is. If you’re interested, you can read my 13 Weeks with GBB post here.

Aaaand here is my 13 week bumpdate with #littlebabybowman2 (I still can’t believe it! I feel so grateful!). Oh, and PS, second pregnancy tummies are no joke. It was almost immediate how quickly I popped, ha. ANYWAY:

13 Week Bumpdate//HBXO blog

How far along: 13 Weeks
Gender: I’ve been thinking girl from the very start + I’m pretty sure Hubs thinks so too! Also, I’ve definitely called baby “her” and “she” a few times, ha. I will say though that baby boys are my freakin kryptonite so I would be totally 100% thrilled with a little baby brother for GBB.
Weight gain: Hmm, well. I started this pregnancy at a lower weight than I did with George andddd I’m definitely showing way sooner than I did with George…let’s say a good ol’ 5 pounds. That seems fair.
Maternity clothes: YES. I remember last pregnancy, I didn’t put a single piece of maternity clothing on until 20 weeks but I had to buy some maternity shorts because this bump doesn’t fit into any of my summer clothes and maternity clothes are so freakin’ comfortable and I’m not ashamed to be wearing some elastic belly waists…
Stretch marks: Nope! I mean, no new ones…
Belly button in or out: In!
Sleep: It’s going okay! George has started to sleep through the night a month ago (more on this in a separate post!) and it couldn’t have happened at a better time. I was so hella tired the first trimester and I almost forgot the exhaustion of pregnancy + having a toddler definitely added to that. I’m starting to experience a bit of back pain + it takes me a lifetime to get comfy and fall asleep. Unfortunately, I know this is only the beginning…
Best moment this week: Celebrating George’s 2nd birthday with our friends + family and finally sharing our very exciting news!
Miss anything: My summer clothes! And I’m not gonna lie, it was super warm out + the idea of an ice cold Kronenberg blanc sounded mightyyy delicious. Oh, and sushi.
Movement: None yet as it’s a little too early but I cannot wait! It is one of my absolute favourite parts of pregnancy! It will be really amazing to have George feel his little sibling kick–I am so looking forward to sharing all those precious moments with my little bestie.
Cravings: I’m really enjoying pickled ginger (it sorta handles my sushi craving) and tomatoes. This pregnancy has been so different than my last–I have very few food aversions (just social media/screen aversions, haha) and few must-have cravings. I’ve also noticed I’m not particularly wanting anything but I know when I don’t want something so that is frustrating. I almost wish I had really intense cravings so I would just know what to eat, ha. I guess there is still plenty of time for that to start.
Looking forward to: Our family camping canoe trip August long-weekend (THREE portages!! Ahhh!), celebrating our 4 year wedding anniversary, and finding out #littlebabybowman2’s gender at the end of the summer! Eeeeee! So much to celebrate! Oh, and fall. Is it too early to countdown to fall?! #probably

xo hol






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