Halloween 2017//HBXO BLOG

Halloween 2017

November 2, 2017 Comments Off on Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017//HBXO BLOG

This Halloween was pretty much my all-time favourite Halloween ever! Anddd I totally thought last year‘s was the very best. I have a feeling it’s only going to get better. Hard to believe we’ll have a 9 month old next year at this time (you better believe I am already adding to my secret family costume Pinterest board, #nerdalert).


George wanted to be a “wee woo” for Halloween as he is obsessed with firetrucks, as I’m sure you know by now. So, Hubs + I picked up a Melissa & Doug fireman dress up costume (that he will add to his tickle trunk of pretend play outfits!) and I made the firetruck out of a diaper box.

Hubs donned his FIRE shirt (that I was still hot glue-gunning when he arrived home after work…like, an hour before trick-or-treating!)like a champ, but it was flipping cold. George + I are always thrilled when daddy dresses up too. I bought my puppy ears and tail at the Dollarama + then cut out loads of black spots for my Dalmatian costume. My favourite part of my Dalmatian costume was fully how comfy I was + how my makeup DID NOT SMUDGE. Yep, I know that seems crazy with black makeup + a bright red lip…but ya know. It’s magic. I used ShadowSense in the colours Onyx + Snow to create my white and black spots and I rocked FlyGirl LipSense with a matte gloss on my lips. It was so easy to apply but also super cute + I had a lot of compliments on it. Especially when I was hoovering chocolate bars and my makeup was staying put ;)

It was a pretty chilly Halloween as I think Canadian Halloweens typically are. George, Hubs, and I started trick-or-treating while Uncle Jake manned the door at ours (thanks for doing this a second year in a row Jakey!) and it was super cute to watch George “driving” his little firetruck down the sidewalk. Aaron went back to the house and George + I continued on. We met up with my mama friend and her sweet little girl so the four of us trick-or-treated down a few streets! It was really fun to watch the littles go door-t0-door.

And as much as George’s costume was getting loads of attention and love by parents + trick-or-treaters, the firetruck was not the easiest to maneuver up stairs, ha. So I did far too much lifting of George up and down the stairs…I’m getting too pregnant for it. GBB totally scored some incredible loot + our neighbours were spoiling him silly. We lost some candy on the sidewalk (but they weren’t left for long as the older kids were quick to snatch it up!) and even though George kept telling me “one more house mommy!”, I knew we were freezing so we headed home after AN HOUR of trick-or-treating (which is wayyyyyy longer than I thought we’d last but dude loves the “canday”.

Hubs + I were pretty good at corralling George’s treats when we got home and he ate three mini boxes of smarties and a bag of goldfish (haha, are we mean parents?!). We also had to forcibly take a massive double bubble gum out of his mouth which wasn’t fun + resulted in a lot of tears. Poor dude. But, hey! I’m not a huge fan of toddler meltdowns especially from an insane amount of candy/sugar. The “sugar fairy” has arrived in the house and the treats are hidden away (with a few more boxes of Smarties–little dude’s favourite) left out for treats throughout the month.

What do you do with your kids’ candy?! Do you let them go bananas?! Do you eat it all?! Do you donate it?!
I wanna know so I can start preparing for my next Halloween with a three year old (a totally different world, I know!).

Oh,and here are a few (sorta-blurry) pictures of our festive Halloween fun + family costumes/what you’ve been really waiting to see, let’s be real:

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