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If you’d love to make some extra income, want to replace the good ol’ 9 to 5 altogether, or just want to be a part of this incredible community, message me! BIG things are happening over here + we are having a flippin blast while doing it!


SeneGence provides amazing and unique products + a career path for a distributor that has one of the best compensation plans I’ve ever seen. I’ll be honest, I used to be SO skeptical of companies that involved direct sales but the products literally sell themselves + this company is just oh so good, almost too good to be true! SeneGence is more than just LipSense–they have an entire skincare line (anti-aging too, I mean, hollaaaa) and their SenseCosmetics line includes shadows, blushes, and so much more!

It is totally more than just makeup, ya know? Do you dream of having an additional income for you + your family?! A big fat paycheque to give you the freedom and lifestyle you want? Maybe you want a career that you set on your own terms? I know as a stay-at-home mama, this is of tremendous importance to me and I love that SeneGence gives me the choice to love the products and to love the lifestyle that comes along with it! I’m here for you, girlfriend, to help make your dreams come true + for you to reach whatever it is that you want for yourself–big or small!


Signing up is a breeze! It literally takes you minutes + you can begin purchasing products at a discount of 20-50% off the retail price. From there you can share the products (and opportunity!) with others + you can enjoy earning some awesome rewards (hello trips!). I will be by your side guiding you every step of the way with training on how to brand + market yourself, how to use social media, and how to reach a bigger audience! The best part is not every feeling like you’re in this alone, cuz you’re not. This community is filled to the brim with fun + inspiring creative souls and you’re in it with all of us. It’s the best freaking part!


Oh who doesn’t love an extremely generous compensation plan?! Definitely up there with one of the reasons why I decided to take this leap of faith + jump with both feet in! I was so nervous, you guys! But oh my gosh, I am so thrilled I did it! There are basically three way to earn money: 1, is to earn a profit off retail sales–you buy a gloss for $12.50 but sell it for $25; 2, is to earn commission off the distributors that you sponsor. This company is SO small–it really hasn’t hit Canada yet (so many people haven’t even heard of LipSense yet!) so recruiting is easy. Also, starting in at ground level is money; and 3, you earn a monthly bonus based off of group sales volume. I mean, it kinda totally speaks for itself, #amiright?


How much is it become a distributor?

It’s $55 to become a distributor. No hidden fees. No monthly minimums. No auto-shipments. No cancellation fees. AND NO PRESSURE! You can earn a couple extra hundred dollars a month or you can hit the ground running + replace your income.

How much is the discount when you become a distributor?

You get 20% off retail + depending on how much you spend in an order though, it can be as high as 50% off retail!

How do you make money?

Two ways. The first, is selling your personal inventory. Friends + family are going to ask about your lipstick–no need to refer them, just start selling to them! The second way is by growing your squad. People want the discount so this is so easy to do + it’s so dang easy to sell!

Why should I join your team?

I work with my squad weekly on everything that will help them be the best #lipboss out there! We touch on things like branding, marketing, and the power of social media! I’m here for you every step of the way + I will help you become the best dang distributor.

Watch me or join me!!!
I’d love to hear from you, let me know when you’d like to chat.

xo hol // HBXO blog