ooops remover

Ooops remover will erase LipSense mistakes during application, will “lift” your long-lasting lip colour so you can change your shade throughout the day if you’d like, and remove LipSense at the end of the day. It is non-drying + contains vitamins A, B, C, + E to condition, moisturize, and protect your lips.

Remember: If you’ve never used LipSense before you must purchase aΒ starter collection.Β  A collection comes with a colour, a gloss, and an ooops remover.



lipsense lip balm

This lightweight, fragrance-free formula has a matte finish + provides long-lasting nourishment and protection for dry and rough lips. It is perfect for all ages and can be used as often as needed.


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lipsense lip volumizer

I mean, who doesn’t want juicy, full, and pouty lips?! With our advanced + natural technologies, our LipVolumizer plumps lips from the inside out + works to increase lip volume up to 20% and lip moisture up to 54% (with one month of daily use!).

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