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Our Easter Weekend

April 17, 2017 2 Comments

Chloe and GBB// HBXO blogLong weekends are pretty much my favourite and long weekends that include chocolate + Easter egg hunts are the very best! Nothing tops having extra family time and this past weekend was one for the books.

Hubs, GBB, and I drove up to our bestie’s family farm on Friday for some good ol’ country living/relaxing time and the weather couldn’t have been more amazing. The sun was shining, the breeze was warm, and we all ate our body weight in hot dogs. Except for George actually…now that I think of it, he ate cucumber. A lot of cucumber.


It was so lovely to be out of the city, sit by a fire, + devour some s’mores…or seven. I enjoyed a few festive pink peep s’mores because, holiday. George went bananas for the mud piles, the rock gardens, and the farm dog, Zephyr. This boy is all about being outdoors and running around–I hope he never stops exploring and being the curious little dude he is because it is so wonderful + inspiring. I fully embrace “get messy + make memories”. Oh, and GBB took his very first tractor ride with his Hunkle Jake (with Daddy hanging on in the back) and was filled with awe. It was pretty dang adorable.

We left the farm early on Saturday as we had some Easter bunny work to do–I left this wayyyyyy too last minute (lesson learned for next year!). Hubs jumped into IKEA and we finally snagged the play kitchen for our little masterchef. I had every intention to jazz it up + DIY that bad boy but because I procrastinated like, woah, we figured we’d still gift it to him and should I decide that I want to pimp it out in the future, I can do so. Needless to say, he la-la-la-loved it (even though the faucet wasn’t spray painted gold, ha).

Easter Sunday was a very magical morning as George discovered his new kitchen (“I COOK! I COOK!”) and dug into his chocolate from his basket pretty quickly–the Kinder Surprise egg didn’t stand a chance. I think it might have been the most sugar he has ever had so the few tears that followed weren’t a huge surprise (poor guy!). You better believe Hubs and I confiscated all the chocolate from that point + I cut up a huge plate of fruit and made eggs. Tried my hardest to flush out some of that sugar with fruit and protein, ha.

We didn’t fill his basket with much chocolate or candy (one Kinder egg, a Smartie buddy, and eggs filled with Smarties–his fav!) + I kept it pretty simple with a new book (we went with “Sheep in a Jeep” which looks super cute but the rhyming is brutal/annoying/GBB obviously loves it), faux dino tattoos, a bubble wand (a huge hit!), new Color Wonder colouring sheets (Thomas the Tank Engine!), and eggs filled with mini trains + plastic dinos. Oh, and the biggest hit was his very own firetruck (“WEOOOO WEOOOO”) which is actually pretty badass.

Once George ate some fruit + drank some water, we got our boots on and headed outside for the Easter egg hunt. Now, this was something I have been soooooooo excited about. Last year, I created a small egg hunt (with empty eggs) around the living room but GBB was so tiny that it was mostly for me (no shame in my egg game)–he just wanted to put them in his mouth. But this year was the best! Dude was in his groove carrying his little bucket + finding his eggs. I thought he would fill up his bucket and then bring them inside so we could open them one by one (and also help control the Smartie intake/inhalation) but he opened them up immediately which resulted in another helping of wayyyyyyy too much chocolate so I ran around the yard shaking the eggs to find the ones with the Smarties and then I emptied them into a bowl for later + made sure that GBB found all the eggs with the dinosaurs and the trains. The hilariousness of Hubs and I trying to hide the extra chocolate and GBB running in circles giggling like a maniac, sigh, this is what holidays are all about. Ugh, I love it all so much–chocolate fingermarks, tear-stained cheeks, and jammies all day. These are the days, you guys!

Hubs pulled out the bubble wand, we played outside + ran off some of the sugar, had a really great lunch, napped (I did too-it was the best!), and then we made our way to my inlaws for Easter dinner (which was delicious!).

Oh long holiday weekends, how I love you so.

And although it makes me sad that Hubs goes back to work (and we always miss him the most on Mondays…), I am happy + excited about this new week as I have some very fun news to share (no, I am not pregnant, ha)! Please don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter, okay?! OKAY?!

Now for the best part, a good ol’ photo dump of our Easter weekend:

GBB water// HBXO blog
GBB and Hunkle// HBXO blog

peep s'more// HBXo blog

Easter Peep S'more// HBXO blog

GBB rocks// HBXO blog

GBB rocks 2// HBXO blog

Easter Basket// HBXO blog

GBB Kitchen// HBXO blog

GBB firetruck// HBXO blog

Bubbles// HBXO blog

Dude// HBXO blog

Easter egg loot// HBXO blog

Easter cupcake// HBXO blog

Bowman Family// HBXO blog

Grainy self-timer on the tailgate family photos may be my absolute favourite thing, haha.

And thanks, as always, for following along with us. It means the world to us!

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  1. Cathi Carr

    April 18, 2017

    What a lovely Easter! George is absolutely adorable🐣🐣🐣

    • Holly Bowman

      April 23, 2017

      Thank you CC! XO

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