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Sunshine + Veggies

April 24, 2017 2 Comments

Plants// HBXO blogThis past weekend gave me so much life. The weather was beautiful and we finally planted our veggie garden–which we were concerned that we were super behind on (as a lot of people start their gardens after the first frost…) but turns out that a lot of plant nurseries are still waiting on some of their veggie seedlings! We were thrilled to hear this of course, and we made sure to grab the vegetables and herbs that we wanted + made some notes to grab the other veggies when they’re available.

Hubs and I scored two boxes for our garden (thanks Uncle Jesse!) + made our way to the city dump to get some compost to mix with our top soil. George was thrilled to take a family trip in daddy’s truck (it’s literally his most favourite thing in the world!) + he was even more excited when we were in the plant nurseries picking out our veggies and herbs.

At the first nursery we went to, there was a cat hanging out + sleeping in the sun and GBB was so excited to see the “‘eow”. It took all my energy to distract him from trying to climb over the flower pots to get to the cat. And the second nursery we ventured to, there were ceramic sleeping cats (that I could never imagine actually adding to my garden because, kitsch) that George cuddled up to + was petting over and over again. It was so dang cute and people were actually just standing, watching, and smiling at him–I was beaming with pride. What a funny cat-obsessed little dude we have. Now, if only he was a little bit more cuddly and friendly with our very own Charles.

George was very involved in mixing the soil and was very excited about our vegetables. Every time I asked him if he was excited he would aggressively yell “DESSSSS!!!”. I am really looking forward to watching our vegetable garden grow and teaching George as much as I can about caring for + growing plants…which, I will be honest (and I’m sure if you’ve been following along with this little blog of mine, you’ll know I’m not a natural green thumb), I need to keep learning myself. But that’s all part of the fun, right?!

I’ve said it time + time again (and most of the time I’ve said this in relation to holidays) but seeing the world through a child’s eyes is such a wondrous and magical thing. The excitement on George’s face when we were pouring soil into the gardens + when we asked him to pick out a plant at the nursery, oh gosh you guys, I wish I could be filled with that type of joy + content. Oh, the lessons that motherhood teaches me on the daily is just, unreal and always so unexpected. The best.


We planted romaine + iceberg lettuce, cilantro, rosemary, mojito mint, chives, and italian parsley in our garden and we have two planters with tomatoes and peppers. Oh, and we bought some cat grass for our mammoth cat too. Our plan is to add radishes, cucumbers, and green beans to the second box!

I can’t wait to add that mint to our mojitos (and it is my all-time favourite herb to infuse water with too!), and seeing as we make tacos pretty much every Tuesday, that cilantro is going to be so delicious + I can’t wait!!

Having a vegetable garden is something I have been dreaming about forever and although Hubs + I are complete newbies and not particularly the greenest of thumbs, we are both excited to be learning about gardening together. There is nothing better than a new hobby to bring a family together–and I can only hope no raccoons/cats eat our treats and that our precious veggies stay alive + thrive!

Here are a few photos of our simple + sunshine-filled weekend:

GBB gardens// HBXO blog

George has been wearing this teething necklace all weekend + wouldn't take this too-big-for-him hat off, bless him.

George has been wearing this teething necklace all weekend + wouldn’t take this too-big-for-him hat off, bless him.

CPB and GBB// HBXO blog

my boys!

my boys! look at how happy Charles is!! :)

Daddy and GBB// HBXO blog

Daddy and GBB//HBXO blog

GBB gardens// HBXO blog

GBB gardens 4// HBXO blog

look at his adorable new gardening gloves! i had to buy him his own pair, obviously.

Plants// HBXO blog

Daddy BBQ// HBXO blog

lunch break!!

Bubbles with BooBoo// HBXO blog

GBB and cats// HBXO blog

he was too funny!

he was too funny!

i regret not buying this!

i regret not buying this pillow.

GBB gardens 5// HBXO blog

HBXO veggies// HBXO blog

HBXO veggie garden 2// HBXO blog

Mint// HBXO blog


Veggie garden// HBXO blogAre you a green thumb?! Do you have a garden? What are your tried + true tips?! Leave them in the comments below + help a sista out! ;)

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  1. Cathy

    April 24, 2017

    Mint is a perennial that can take over your entire garden. You may want to keep your perennials separate from your annuals (mint, chives and what looks like rosemary to me), I usually companion plant for my annuals. It really has made a difference in my garden over the past 2 years.

    I have had no luck whatsoever with anything in the cucumber/squash family. They need to have bees to pollinate. Big plants, but no fruit. My garden is a learning experience every year! Good luck, there is nothing better than picking your own veggies for dinner.
    Beans are easy to grow, but need space.


    • Holly Bowman

      April 25, 2017

      Ahhh this is so helpful, thank you! I’ve alerted Hubs, haha, so we’ll definitely try to move those sneaky perennials to another box! ;) I love mint so much that I wouldn’t be tooooooooo sad if it took up my whole yard “MOJITOS FOR EVERYONE!”. Thank you for your tips! I’ll keep you posted XO

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