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Twenty One Months of George Bear

April 14, 2017 4 Comments

GBB 21mos// HBXO blogTwenty One months! I mean, what?! How in the world am I going to have a TWO year old in three months from now? When did this happen?! I’m in complete awe over time–like, the days can sometimes feel sooooooo long but the years go by in the blink of an eye! Time, you sneaky thief. Chill out.


George Bear is twenty one months old and he is a little rascal. THE LITTLEST RASCAL. He is so quick and curious and adventurous. I can turn my back for one second and next thing I know he has successfully (and stealthily) climbed onto the dining room table to get all up in my work. George giggles and chats and sings all day. He has some serious dance moves–recently he demonstrated his dance for classical music + it was so incredible. I was crying because it was so cute and I was so proud and also, where did he learn these moves from?! My little ballerino.

George’s voice is the most adorable thing in the universe. He is really into saying “YES” (which sounds like “dess”) and our all-time-favourite “bo bo butts” which we’re still trying to figure out what that means exactly but he says it so ferociously + with such tenacity that whatever it is, I’m on board. Funny story, Uncle Jake (adorably named “Hunkle” by George!) is on a mission to figure out what “bo bo butts” means and when he is over, he is always asking GBB “is this ‘bo bo butts’?” and George of course will say “desssss” to everything. Ha. It’s infuriating and hilarious. I can’t wait to figure out what it actually is! Watch it be like…a booger or something, haha.

George has a song he sings where he interchanges “daddy” and “mommy” + a few times he’ll sing “numanum” (milk). When he sings it, he does a little bop dance and tilts his head. Ugh, I can’t with this kid.

GBB is obsessed with food, trucks “gucks”, cooking (and I mean obsessed; he yells “I cook!” all day), trains (all things that go, really), and being outside. He is really interested in reading and loves to pet the kitty + give him kisses. George points out babies everywhere we go and always waves hi to everyone he sees. Andddd if the person doesn’t say hi back or acknowledge him, he will keep saying it and it will get louder and louder…

George is the tenderest soul. He loves to cuddle Dougie the fox  and give him kisses + has recently grown quite attached to a stuffed cocker spaniel (gifted to him from his Great Granny!) that he has lovingly named Ro Ro. He also likes to give her kisses.

One of our favourite things about George is when you ask him where something is he’ll answer “don’t know?” with his arms up in the air + his head tilted to the side. Or if he put a toy away or threw a ball in another room, he’ll come and ask me “where go?”. Ummm dude, you tell me. ha.  It seriously cracks me up, it’s so sweet + hilarious.

George loves going to the park and he goes down the slide all by himself (and he sports the biggest, most proud smile ever + it makes my heart soar!). He says Please “deeeese” and Thank you “tank you” and can count up to five…although he starts at “two” with one finger pointing out, ha. GBB has also been starting to use the potty every now + then and omg, you guys, this was not something Hubs or I pushed, but George is very interested in using the potty “I pee! I pee!”. We are very proud of him + you better believe we scream with joy at the top of our lungs and high five for like, ten minutes afterwards. We definitely hype it up!

My little dude has become so independent: he hangs up his coat and helps make the beds, puts away his toys (especially when I sing the Tidy Up song…) + he loves to help me sweep. George really is a great helper.

I love that he wants to hold my hand to go downstairs or go for a walk + I love how curious he is about the world around him. Looking at the world through his eyes is a gift that is not lost on me. He sleeps much longer stretches and we both love cuddling with one another (I do not take it for granted, not one bit!) + I can feel him slowly losing interest in longer cuddles…I’m trying to soak it all up because I know that babies/toddlers don’t keep. Gosh, I could cry when I think about how much he has grown.


His favourite foods are berries, apples “apoo”, crackers/toast (carb-lover like his mama!), and pasta with meat sauce. He’s a really great eater + pretty much eats everything we eat (although, he is quite skeptical of zucchini + regardless if I try and sell it to him as “cucumber’s cousin”, it doesn’t really fly.). Lately, he will eat a banana and then leave me the tiny end bit. Same with snap peas, bread/anything that has a crust on it…he will walk over + give it to me. Like, thanks kid. Andddd that’s usually my lunch. HALF JOKING.

You, my big boy, love: running around, terrorizing chasing the cat, playing catch/throwing balls, your trucks, trains, your cars, watching daddy back up his truck at the end of the day, playing inside daddy’s truck + honking the horn (over and over and over again, sorry neighbours!), splashing in the bath (aka soaking mama + daddy!), snacking (ditto kid, ditto!), dancing, collecting rocks, putting things in pockets (especially change he finds from daddy’s work pants), giggling, saying “hi!” and “bye!” to everyone you see, cooking (obsessed is an understatement), cuddles with mama + daddy, watching Paw Patrol and most recently the Teletubbies (ughhhh I find them so annoying but GBB loves the sun baby, so whatevs), and giving kisses + hugs.

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You, my bear cub, do not love: Getting dressed (but once you’re clothed, it’s all good), laying still for a diaper change, and being stopped or told “No”.

Oh George Bear, we are oh so proud of the smart, curious, and hilarious boy you are. Thank you a million times over for choosing us to be your parents–we love you more than we can ever explain. You’re the best thing that has ever happened to your daddy and I + you have taught us more in these past 21 months than I could ever imagine.

Keep on shining you sweet boy. You have my heart.

xo hol // HBXO blog


  1. Hannah

    April 14, 2017

    Awww, what a happy boy!! You must be so proud! My husband and I have started a travel blog, check it out if you have time :D

    • Holly Bowman

      April 17, 2017

      Aw, thank you! I will definitely check out the blog! XO

  2. K. Elizabeth

    April 16, 2017

    Happy 21 months to George! He’s so adorable!

    • Holly Bowman

      April 17, 2017

      Thank you sweet friend! XO

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